Radio & Other Security Equipments


Every business is different, so is every communications solution. BigFoot Solutions is a trusted provider of two-way radios and with three distinguished radio families to choose from we ensure all needs are covered. Which family will be right for you?
We supply top of the range communications Radios from major brands e.g Motorolla, samcom brands

Durable & Water Resistant
all our radios are mde of polycarbonate housing and alluminium dicast chasis ft 18 meets ip 54 rating standards and are built for greater protection. they offer relible performnce in savere weather & enviroments.

Exceptionl audio Quality and better coverage 

our radios have exceptional audio quality and better coverage of upto 2 kms in radious without external highrise antena.
1000mw audio power output and unique audio box structure & make our radios provide exceptional voice quality. they completely eliminates background noise and static from voice transmissions thereby delivering crystal clear voice.

Excelent battery life performance

our radios re specifically designed to conserve battery power. when used in low power output mode. the power consumption is reduced by upto 50%. this gurantees the users an extended operating time ensuring tht they will sty connected during longer working hours.


portable compact business radio for indoor short range communications eg retail stores, hotel, restaurants, education institutes hospitals car delerships and supermarket.