Terminal Fuel Management System

BIGFOOT has been manufacturing fuel management systems for more than 8 years and offers a comprehensive web-based fuel management solution with terminals that are compatible with any commercial fuel dispensers. Over the years, we’ve developed in-depth knowledge of what fleet managers need and are able to offer highly-professional fuel management equipment. With a continual focus on R&D, our team always ensures that our clients benefit from the latest technologies. Today BIGFOOT has more than  1000 active terminals in 12+ different countries along with a unique network of partners including subsidiaries in Kenya, Uganda, Togo,Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, and the U.S.



Cloud-native device for system deployment;
Also on-premises capable
Real-time communication over cellular, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi; with offline capability
High memory capacity: up to 2000 vehicles, 10k drivers, and 2500 transactions offline
1 to 12 hoses with simultaneous fueling
Identification of driver and/or vehicle: code, RFID fob or card, magstripe cards, existing RFID cards, smartphone, etc.

Built-in setup and test mode for easy on-site troubleshooting
Satellite terminals for a cost-effective multiple fuel islands setup
Tank gauging interface (optional)
Receipt ticket printer (optional)

BIGFOOT hardware units remote supervision
List of authorized drivers and vehicles
Real-time transactions log
Vehicles odometer and engine hours
Reporting by driver, vehicle, product, site, department, model, etc.
Tank inventory management
Up to 50 sites, 1000 vehicles, 5000 drivers
Up to 16 products: Diesel, Unleaded, DEF...
E-mail notifications

Visual reports: bar graphs, pie charts
Tank gauge reconciliation
Additional prompts: job, activity code, etc.
Telematics interface for automatic odometer collection
Gate access control
Gate access control (optional)