Defensive Driving Courses

DriveSafe course Fleet Driver Defensive Driving Course Benefits
Reduces Risk for Accidents
DriveSafe course incorporates full-screen narrated video with interactive scenarios and assessment questions that keep employees interested. When team members are engaged in their training, they are more likely to remember the safety strategies and techniques when it matters most…on the road. Better training encourages safer drivers, which means reduced risk for preventable accidents.
Promotes Savings on Insurance Premiums
Fleet drivers are on the road up to the three times more often than regular commuting employees. Their decision-making and driving behaviors can directly impact the cost of your company’s fleet insurance rates.
The DriveSafe course fleet driver safety programs can help you manage expenses by teaching driver improvement strategies and procedures to help employees stay safe on the road. Certified fleet drivers lower your insurance risk. Companies that implement a defensive driver safety program often see an immediate return on their investment including:
Fewer accidents and personal injuries
Lower insurance premiums
Reduced lost production hours

Less property damage
Certification Satisfies Compliance Requirements
As an essential component of your fleet safety program, DriveSafe course delivers the information your drivers require to successfully handle key driving situations including:
Assessing road risks
Avoiding collisions
Preventing distractions
Applying safety strategies in dangerous situations
Rear-end collisions
The  purpose of Drive Safe course is to give your fleet drivers a better understanding of driving dangers and key defensive driving techniques to help them minimize the chances of being involved in an accident.
Drive Safe course Defensive Driving Courses are:
Quick and easy to complete
Receive your certificate in as little as an hour so your learners spend less time training
An inexpensive and convenient way to refresh and improve driving education
A way to reinforce defensive driving skills in a risk-free environment
An easy way to improve your fleet safety and reduce the risk of driver accidents


Whether you need to orient new drivers or refresh training certificates for existing fleet drivers, DriveSafe course is designed to meet your fleet safety program needs. We even offer more in-depth training for higher-risk drivers in your fleet.
We also understand how training can impact multiple departments within your organization, which is why all DriveSafe course  fleet driver safety training programs include:
Interesting video-focused material that today’s employees demand
Accident prevention strategies that risk management requires
Performance improvement guidelines that human resources supports
Affordable pricing that meets accounting approval
Our one-hour course content includes:
1. Traffic Safety

Injuries and Property Damage
2. Traffic Laws and Procedures
Speed Limits
Railroad Crossings
Signs, Signals, and Markings Intersections
Emergency Vehicles
Occupant Restraints
3. Driving Environments
Inclement Weather
Driver Responses
Specific Conditions
4. Factors Influencing Driver Performance Aggressive Driving
Drowsy Driving
Alcohol Impairment
Legal Aspects—DWI/DUI
Other Intoxicants


Distracted Driving
5. Defensive Driving
Trip Planning
Defensive Strategies
You can also view a demo of one of our courses here.
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