BL 600 Intelligent Lock

BL600 intelligent . Remote GPS LOCK. Built in 12000 MAH. Battery G sensor and door status through the wireless technology user can open the GPS lock remotely by SMS password or android or IOS app if there is no cellular network user can also open the Lock by RFID tags on the spot. Can also monitor container secure and LOCKS SHOPS or



Padlock management software with Battery status( indicates LOW power, 50%, 75% or Full, also when it is charging), Lock status, Back cover status .

 uio    RFID card open, or authorized by pc platform, webapp or mobile app either android or iphone.




Unlocking via APP or Download historical Track data through Bluetooth(replace serial port)

Real time Position querying

Query current location by SMS command

Unlock by Password

Unlock the device by Password(GPRS/SMS)

Unlock device by authorized RFID key

Unlock the device by authorized RFID keys

Locked automatically

The device will automatically lock when the lock rope is inserted

50 authorized RFID keys

Unlock the device by authorized RFID keys

Polygon Geo-fence

10 Polygon Geo-fences


5 Authorized Phone Numbers

Receiving short message alert or command response and sending command

Supports 9 alerts

Lock rope tamper,

Swiping unauthorized RFID key, Unlocking,

Wrong password, Vibration,

Enter Geo-fence, Exit Geo-fence, Low battery,

Back Cover Opened,

Motor Fault

Lock and Unlock Report

The way to lock or unlock, unlock by Password or RFID key, report time, locked /unlocked successful or failed

Wake up source


RFID Key Reading, Back Cover Opened,

Lock rope inserted and unplugging,

Sleep and timing wake up(RTC)


Firmware upgrading via OTA




Customized length for the locking string, with cutting detection and alarm.


With magnet and back side antivibration pad, can be stick on the truck surface.





 2G, 3G, 4G network compatible , Industry Level 2G/3G/4G module + professional GPS locating module +with Bluetooth external sensors supported as optional.